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JULY 25 2013 : "God gives birds their food but they must fly for it," (Dutch)

Curiosities in Proverbs: A Collection of Unusual Adages, Maxims, Aphorisms, Phrases and Other …


The monkey settled the bread dispute. (Telugu).

Two birds were quarrelling over a piece of bread when the monkey came and ate it.

foto – pelicans in urunga 2010

JULY 24 2013: You are free to go to where you like.

The sayings of the wise : Ibibio proverbs and idioms


‘Nature does not compromise; a pelican is not a compromise between a crow and otter, it is just a pelican. Nature makes no compromises; any inefficient products are recalled to the manufacturer!’


foto – pelicans in urunga 2010

Amory Lovins