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JULY 24 2013: You are free to go to where you like.

The sayings of the wise : Ibibio proverbs and idioms


‘Nature does not compromise; a pelican is not a compromise between a crow and otter, it is just a pelican. Nature makes no compromises; any inefficient products are recalled to the manufacturer!’


foto – pelicans in urunga 2010

Amory Lovins

JUNE 29 2013 : Oh the heart is a free and a fetterless thing, A wave of the ocean, a bird on the wing ! JULIA PARDOE (1816-1862)

Familiar quotations : a collection of passages, phrases, and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature


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Mother Egret
Egrets bear egret sons.
Mother’s after shrimp. Little one’s at home.
Mother Egret has flown far off
To alight…and be roped by Brother Eel!
Nearby, a man poling a bamboo keel
slides through cattails to catch eel and fowl.
Poling clumsily, he rams his prow.
Brother Eel dives. Mother flies off.

Poems gathered and translated by John Balaban,
Ca Dao Vietnam: Vietnamese Folk Poetry


foto – egret in raleigh front paddock 2010

JUNE 27 2013: PILMER. Fine small rain. Devon.

A dictonary of archaic and provincial words, obsolete phrases, proverbs, and ancient customs, from the fourteenth century


I come from a backward place: your duty is supplied by the life around you. One guy plants bananas; another plants cocoa; I’m a writer, I plant lines. There’s the same clarity of occupation, and the same sense of devotion.
Derek Walcott 1930



foto – back paddock at raleigh in rain

JUNE 11 2013: And Birds of a Feather Come Flocking Together, Because they can’t well Flock Apart.

Perverted proverbs; a manual of immorals for the many



at our friend’s
drinking tea
hovering bird
in grevillea tree



foto – eastern spinebill in grevillea in raleigh

AUGUST 24 2010 : The ox covets the horse’s trappings. The lazy horse wishes to plough, Man is never contented in the station in which Providence has placed him.

Classical and foreign quotations,law terms and maxims,proverbs,mottoes …


Horses and children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world. 

Josephine Demott Robinson


foto – horse in back paddock raleigh nsw june 2010

AUGUST 2 2010 : Blind ambition quite mistakes her road. Young.

Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages: Classified Subjectively and …


Brothers,I am glad to see so many of you and see you playing the old games. I shall not keep you long,but you have asked for my advice. Our way of life is gone. Your children must travel the white man’s roads.
Apache Chief


foto – lane through Ballinger’s former caravan park left to ruin