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JULY 22 2013 : Confide your secret to one only, and hear the counsel of a thousand.

Arabian wisdom : selections and translations from the Arabic

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I have heard many sermons and had many counsels, but I have heard no preacher so effective as my grey hairs, and no counsellor so effectual as the voice of my own conscience.

foto – entering bellingen markets on june 19 2010

JULY 20 2013 : Poets, love-stricken, ramble up and down in every valley.

Arabian wisdom : selections and translations from the Arabic


Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence, and silence is full of music. Marcel Marceau


foto – bellingen markets june 2010

NOVEMBER 19 2010 : I walk at the trees as if I have knowledge secrets of their past, I don’t, but confidence is a clever accessory.




Truth is the ultimate guest. You will have to empty yourself utterly, only then can truth come in. Thoughts are a pre-occupation. People who are too much in thoughts remain in a private kind of world. They have their own world of thoughts and dreams and projections and desires. They go on rushing here and there, but they don’t look at the trees, the greenery, the flowers, the birds, the people, the children; they can’t see anything.

Just remain here, and you will be surprised. If you are just now here, all thoughts disappear, because all thoughts are either of the past or of the future. No thought is of the present.




foto – trees at bello showground 2010

JULY 21 2010 : Koran. Those who worship the Merciful One are they who walk on the earth gently, and who, when fools speak to them, say " Peace.”

Arabian wisdom : selections and translations from the Arabic


A noble man is noble though he come to want, and a base man is base though he walks on pearls.

foto – walking away at bello markets june 2010