THE GEM 23 JAN 2015 : Emerson once said in justification of conversation on the subject of the weather: We are pensioners of the wind. The weathercock is the wisest man. All our prosperity, enterprise, temper, come and go with the fickle air.

the gem 23 jan 2015


Curiosities in Proverbs



Only A Passing Cloud

When darkness hides the sun from view and shadows move across the blue -never let it worry you.

It is only a passing cloud.

Don’t let people spoil your day by what they do and what they say, it doesn’t matter anyway,

they are only passing clouds.

And if a big blow should descend do not think that it’s the end.

You’ll see when once you’re round the bend

It was only a passing cloud.

© Wayne Rickard 2011

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